Organic Farm

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124496527665604Our farm is mainly focused on six main types of organic crops : the Anona Cherimoya ( tropical fruit native to South America ) together with a number of Avocado trees, hazelnuts, oranges ( of Washington Navel variety ), lemons and olives. We are particularly proud of this last mentioned culture because it allows us to extract an extra virgin olive oil of an excellent organoleptic quality, a pleasant fragrance and delicious taste.

As usual in every small and traditional rural economy, these major plantations are accompanied by a small assortment 124492480999342of various types of fruit, vegetables and herbs from the garden, grown in limited quantities just to meet our own seasonal needs. We also breed a number of chickens that provide a very tasty fresh eggs. Among the varieties of plants of the farm there are also some non-cultivated areas where you can find the natural vegetation typical of the Mediterranean.  We also look after a nursery of palm-trees and cultivate several tropical plants, such as bamboo, chicas, papyrus and banana trees and other ornamental plants.