Gioiosa Marea

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0001Located approx. 70 km west of Messina, along the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily and just opposite to the Aeolian Islands, Gioiosa Marea is a charming and pleasant bathing town of the Saracen Coast. It dominates a long stretch of sunny and sandy beach with a crystal clear water, embedded between the rocky Cape Skino and the Saracen Tower of Gliaca to the west. Mostly renowned for the beauty of its panoramic promenade and the fantastic colours of its sunsets over the skyline of the Islands of Filicudi and Alicudi it boasts an old town center that looks amply preserved on the distinctive identity of its 18 th century buildings, being at the same time a very amusing and pleasant spot, with a plenty of store, bar, restaurant, supermarket, converting the shopping in a pure and exciting fun, giving a lot of chances to meet a definitely warm and friendly population.

In central town we suggest to have a look to the beautiful Churchs of San Nicolò di Bari and of Santa Maria delle Grazie where you can see a statue of the Virgin attributed to the famous sculptor Gagini, 0025and the Caves of il Tono, which entrance is to be found opposite to the railway station, consisting of three large cavities interconnected by an impressive network of tunnels and galleries.

Don't miss to spend a couple of hours to go to the ancient ruins of Gioiosa Guardia, located on the top of the mountain Meliuso, at an altitude of over 900 meters. After several earthquake the town was abandoned on 1783 and all of its inhabitans moved down to the sea shore where they founded Gioiosa Marea. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the historical ruins mixed with an incredible 360° panorama that introduce you into a really charming and magical atmosphere. From here the view seems to have no boundaries, the feeling is like of having the whole Sicily at your feet : to the North, floating on the sea water appear the Aeolian Islands with the puffs of the Stromboli; to the East the coast toward Cape Milazzo and, with clear weather, even the Strait of Messina and the coast of Calabria are visible; to the West you see Capo d'Orlando, Cefalù and even the Monte Pellegrino in Palermo; to the South the view goes to the wonderful scenery of the pyrotechnic eruption of Mount Etna.         

Gioiosa Marea is also an ideal starting point from where to explore our beautiful and varied country. Historically, in this area there are some of the most ancient Greek and Roman Sicilian sites such as the Greek Theatre in Tyndaris or the Roman Villa in Patti (with mosaic floors no less important than the ones in Piazza Armerina).